Thursday, July 4, 2013

UPDATE!!!! Where have I been ?????? I miss yall.....

Happy 4th you guys....I hope everyone is doing well...I sincerely apologize for not posting anything in over TWO MONTHS!!! I really miss you guys though ! and I miss blogging also. However I have totally changed my entire life around, I have become a TRUCK DRIVER! yes you read that correctly. A real "TRUCK DRIVER", and a cross country one at that.
(side note: I get to travel all over the US and get paid for it and visit states I have never seen), but I am never home, and when I am its only for a day or two if that. So lets just say I don't have a lot of time to blog, for now that is anyway. But I promise you I will return. Thanks to all my new readers who have joined my blog I really appreciate it I hope you have found it enjoyable thus far, and I am glad to have you. Please be patient with me as I enjoy my new life adventure! and promise I will return to blogging soon as I can. Who knows I might start blogging about the life of a FEMALE truck driver, cause lord knows I have seen alot. Stay tuned. and take care....... hugs:)
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