Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Orange CHAIR

The hubby got this lovely seating situation from somewhere....and I plan on revamping her to her real beauty.....she is most definitely Getting a new look...and of course I plan on putting her in my daughters room to go along with her royal bling Theme room......I just have to figure out how to take this sucker apart.....Then How to put her back together again......it will be fun working on it though.....I will keep you posted on the SURGERY I PERFORM...lol

She will hopefully go from Drab to FAB.....

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hey guys.....So today I decided to use my Sunday to complete my daughters head board...FINALLY and She loves it....YAYYYY for me Right? However the color we got from Lowe's didn't come out to look like we thought it would ...The swatch was a hot pink color...but after it was mixed it looked totally different..and at first she DID NOT LIKE IT ALL...I had to convince her to trust me and my idea. She fell in love with the color of the curtains in her room and expected the paint color to be the same color....But she trusted her mommy and My idea and now she LOVES THE FINISH product. We have decided to take down those curtains and I am going to make her some...her room theme is ROYAL, GLAM, BLING, GIRLY all of that....so I hope you enjoy the photos...

This is what it use to look like.......REMEMBER THAT  EYE SOAR
I began with these products
Then I began to prime....Hand brushed both primer and paint because it was too cold to spray paint today
Finally FINISHED PRIMING......uggg
Let the PAINTING BEGIN...my favorite part..... (smiling)
Isn't that beautiful????....but I couldn't stop there....NOOOOOOO
Yes I thought It would be a good idea to make the scroll detail pop....using black paint...MAN did I bite off more then I could chew...this was a seriously long slow process.....uggggg but I proceeded..
when she saw me doing this she was SOLD...this is what SOLD the project...YESSSSSS
UMMM....I couldn't stop there....i just couldn't
By the way that scroll work is on both sides....but I completed the job, and my kid is elated so that's all that matters.....so what do you think?
Side views....
OK guys stay tuned as we continue to get this Room complete...its a work in progress but its coming along pretty good.....Next we will be hunting for the perfect comforter set....ect ect....I will keep you posted as we move along....let me know what you think...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Update and Chit Chat

OK guys So I have showed you part of my house so far scroll down and look at all the pics I have so many ideas for my daughters rooms I cant wait to get them complete.....I plan on thrifting the furniture and mixing it with come CHEAP new finds as well.....I cant Hardly wait......My huge....monster huge project is my basement....a very unused unappreciated space...sometimes I feel like I live in an apartment since we only use the upstairs (soon that's about to change)....the basement alone is 1o86 sq ft And I hope to thrift 95% of the finds.....THAT'S MY PLAN....its sure going to be fun trying.....lol I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about it...I will keep you posted.....


THESE CURTAINS  are my favorite project yet.... I took  much pride in making them since I am in noway shape or form a seamstress.... I do good just sewing a straight line.....But I always have a hard time finding shower curtains that I like. So I will be making my own from now on


This is the guest and kids bathroom, the camera color doesn't do it justice at all...the lime green is bright and playful everyone loves it....Its small but it serves its purpose.


THIS IS JUST another angle....you get the idea 


That opening there was one of my super quick Sunday projects, it took me about 2 hours from start to finish to complete it. I was in the kitchen one Sunday cooking and the kids were talking from the family room and I felt so isolated in there, I kept having to say HUH......frustrating. I looked at that wall and said WALL YOU HAVE TO GO......however I had to look at the blueprint of my home before I demolished it to make sure it wasn't a LOAD BEARING WALL...to my surprise it was. so I had to work fast and plan carefully since it is holding the HOUSE UP.....I asked the good old LOWE'S guys what I should do...they gave me step by step instructions...First I measured out how big I wanted the opening, marked it off . and removed the drywall, I then had to cut the studs and re enforce the opening with 4 (3x6)pieces of plywood all the way around the frame (so my house wouldn't fall) couldn't have that right? I then added some trim work, and painted it up to my liking....NOW i can hear and see everything in the family room.....I feel apart of the crew when I cook now or I'm entertaining. we all love it my husband came home that day to a new opening and he was 
(like Sharon WHAT THE HELL.....wow you are bob the builder for real ...hahah)

Another kitchen view..

This is an eat in kitchen of course I do have a few more small things I plan on doing in this room to complete it. and I will keep you posted on those updates as I go. 

Another kitchen view

I plan on making either a valance or a cornnis board to go over the glass sliding door with a matching one for the window....project in the making


The kitchen cabinets just got that face lift (white Paint) they were stained a really dark chocolate color and I felt like it made the kitchen dark and heavy so I decided to brighten things up a bit and went for a crisp white color, it feels bigger and of course brighter and cleaner to me I plan on putting something above to cabinets for decoration haven't decided on what just yet...any idea? Oh that broken door in the corner I plan on fixing after I figure out how, they don't make the piece anymore that holds the doors together .


The entrance to our humble Abode. I feel like the entry way to your home should be inviting and it sets the seen for the rest of the home I plan on fixing that up with some kind of table or something...I will show you my changes of course so stay tuned oh and I also want to remove the carpet off the steps and paint them...plans plans


There's not anything to do in here I think I'm pretty much done with this space. the orange lamps were once a light blue color and I painted them to match the new decor.I do want to UPDATE The ceiling fan that's about it. If your wondering about the white walls let me tell you.....I have been in my home for about 13 years now and when I tell you I have painted these walls so many colors over the years...I mean I cant even begin to tell you how many colors we have had in here SERIOUSLY....and I just got tired of COLOR believe it or not in this space so I opted to use a neutral white and use color in the space from decorations.....I actually love it now and it made the space seem twice and big.


A different angle....I want YOU to fee like you are here with us.... (smile) I have an ottoman in the center now that wasn't in here when I took the picture its a square chocolate ottoman .


This bedroom is yet another project in the making really soon I hope to get it all together so i can show it too you. its not a large room but when I'm done I think it will have a Hugh impact and appear bigger.  My mama use to say YOUR ROOM IS FOR SLEEPING.....you don't need a lot of space...lol that's the same thing I told my kids.






This Headboard has been around for a while in my house. we have pasted it from room to room and no one wanted it or liked it....So I put it away. Until recently when My daughter Minks asked for a new room redo. to save on cash I deciced to give this UGLY headboard once last shot....I had hope that she could become something nice....and So I began to redo her and wait until you see how she turned out.....NOW BOTH DAUGHTERS WANTED IT...but its going to the youngest in bedroom 2 


This is the room that my daughter wants this ROYAL, GLAM, BLING BLING look in...shes the one that will get the pink headboard....she wanted a black accent wall and metallic silver walls with glitter in them to complete the look (I pulled that part off). she wants the room to feel more grown up since she's 16 so that's the plan....I cant wait to show you  the completed room.


Ok so these are the curtains that my daughter fell head over hills for....the HOT PINK....even though I am going to remove them and make my own she is ok with that because the headboard WON....and she now likes that pink better.....(kids) anyway stay tuned for the Grand reveal coming soon 




Hey Guys I was just sitting here thinking what my next project will be. And I think I will show you guys what my home currently looks like and as I change things in here I can show you the change as well....I have been in my home for 13 years now and I have never really really decorated it to its fullest potential...I mean its never really and truly felt like I would like it to....Soooooo one room at at time I will redecorate and show you what I do and what I buy and thrift.....I just need to figure out how to up load pics.....lol.....I'm slowly figuring out this BLOGGING situation...bare with me.... STAY TUNED FOR PICS


Hello Everyone in the Blog world...This is my Second attempt at blogging but my first time being really serious about it. (I dont know) I just feel like I have alot to say and show you....So why not blog about it Right? Now let me just first say I dont live a lavish lifestyle of any sort, Im just as plain as they come, Well maybe NOT PLAIN, but you know what I mean, Im a mother, a wife, and a working woman. But I feel Blogging will be something I can come to love. I do however REALLY REALLY enjoy decorating my home, playing in make-up and of course anything related to FASHION.... OH! and THRIFTING,I will thrift ANYTHING and repurpose it.... and Thats what really brought me to the idea of blogging... I just think it will be really cool to show you my ideas and finds I really enjoy reading other blogs as well ( I have way to much Fun with it)....So with all that being said lets get too it.......Soon  and I mean Really soon ...I promise I will be working on creating and building a really nice blogspot thats more easy on the eye then what it looks like now. I will add pics and vids as I go along...(I guess) in the near future.....

ps...please share ideas and tip if you will on being a good blogger. the ins and outs..thanks you guys

your friend Sharon