This dresser was a "FREEBIE" I got from Craigslist and this is how she looked before her make over

And this is what she looked like all dolled up
I love adding left over fabric to the inside of the drawers (special surprise)

 I used the original Hardware because I liked how chunky it was.

This is how it looks in the space, however you cant really see it because of the bed but you get the idea

Another Freebie from Craigslist (people just give away good stuff) it's actually a dresser but I decided to use it for another purpose

After I gave her a new look and some jewels she became a beautiful Side table in my kitchen

 Dresser Turned Side Table

ANOTHER Freebie FROM CRAIGSLIST.....I am not kidding FREE. All the free stuff I received came from one person.

After  a wardrobe change she now looks like this

And here's what she looks like in her new space

Dresser Painted Blue/Silver

$5.OO  Chair that I found by accident
 She was A "Hot MESS"

But then she allowed me to show her the way to look 'Beautilicious'

And here's how she looks in her new space

Good Will Finds got these babies for $3.00

I primed them white first then sprayed them a high gloss white

Then I bedazzeled away

I added a plane shade from walmart for $6.98 and I "glammed" it up to my liking

 End Tables Turned Night Stands I found these at the habitat Store

It went from this!


Her dainty little Knobs finished the look!

And there she is in her new space.
before her knobs and the lamp shade

And here you can see a little bit of her in her new space.

 Thrifted tables End tables turned Night Stand Paid $10.00 for both          
How the looked before

 How they looked after the Redo

And this is how it looks in the space
(Please refer to the Room Make over tab to see the complete room)

My husband thrifted desk make over

How it looks in the space it now lives....

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