Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Craigslist Table Makeover Part 1

FINALLY!!!.....FINALLY!!!!.....I have worked on this table while working a crazy work schedule, juggling family duties, and not feeling so good lately. But It is at a place that I can show you now with out covering my eyes. So with out further Ado.Here she is.
(Staged of course for viewing purposes only) once I get everything together and get back to feeling good I will decorate her with her own stuff, and not stuff I STOLE borrowed from another part of the house.

I always like to show what it once looked liked first (just to build the suspense) ha ha!

And now the after.....

Picture over load...Get Ready

I made my own chalk paint. I still have to distress and wax her I just wanted to show you some of the progress. I still don't feel good so hopefully really soon I can get back to working on her. And the chairs also. Thanks for hanging in there with with me so far.

Stay tuned for her Part 2 Reveal. And the chair makeover.

Yours Truly, 

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I would first like to say that my Prayers are with all those affected by the Boston Bombing. Another senseless act of PURE FOOLISHNESS. Weather we live there or not, or know someone that lives there, we are all affected and have been made to look closely at our lives. Love those around you dearly, and most of all love yourself.

Quick update....The Dining Room Table has been made over, I mean the dining room table has been painted. I still need to wax it before I show you......Patients...Patients! I know you are so excited to see it right? Well, I will tell you this. That FREAKING table kicked my  "Pah-Tooty" Just know that! I have also been working on two end tables and a coffee table. I have been a Busy Bee up in here honey! Stay tuned Reveals are coming really soon. I promise. Oh! and a big hug and thank you to all my new readers

Yours Truly,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Desk Makeover For Real This Time!

Have you ever been working on a project and got right at the end of completing it and realized you didn't have what ever you may have needed to complete it? Or maybe you were trying to be money savvy and just didn't want to buy whatever it was you may have needed?

Well that's exactly what happened to me, But being patient has definitely paid off in a big way.

I showed you about a month ago my "Beach Office Reveal" and In that reveal was a desk I made over, and even though it was not finished I showed you anyway.

(I just love showing unfinished projects) HA! The knobs for my desk were the missing piece.
If you have ever remade a furniture piece and changed out the hardware, then you know yourself that hardware can get pricey. Especially when you need A LOT. And being the bargain shopper that I am, some THINGS I just REFUSE to pay a lot for. and that was one of those things.

Sooooo. I was browsing in Big lots Store the other day and came across some "awesomeness" let me just show you!

Yes! Yes! seashell Hardware. Now! was that just a perfect find or what? and being that it was a beach theme office makeover what could be more nautical then seashell hardware....whoop whoop!

 The best part isn't just the fact that I came across "Seashell Hardware" Its that Four knobs came in a box for $2.50  Yes Honey you read that right Four knobs came in the box for a whole $2.50. And I needed a total of eighteen. Can you imagine what I would have paid for eighteen knobs from Lowe's or Home Depot? The price would have been outrageous.....

Just in case you care to see what It looked like in the very beginning here's a picture.

I  Removed the top part...

And that's it folks another project checked off my list as "completed".

Have a great week and please come again.

Yours Truly,

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Update On Current Projects/ And Craigslist Finds

Hello All.... I hope your weekend is off to a great start. I just wanted to give you a quick update on what I have been doing and what projects I have been working on! (I love keeping you posted) I recently posted my Foyer or Entryway Reveal. (Which I happen to love)And no one can resist grabbing a handful of candy on the way out the door.

The Foyer was on my "TO DO LIST" of projects. But I wasn't at that time working on "The Foyer" per say. I was working on the basement. But as you may already know sometimes you might run across a piece of furniture for another project, And for whatever reason you just cant pass it up, Its a must grab type of situation! And you  end up getting all side tracked (At least that's what ALWAYS happens to me ....HA!) So I ran across my entryway table and figured what the heck! might as well check that project off the list of To DO's. So I stopped production on the basement and worked on the foyer.In case you missed that post here's how it turned out.

Link to the actual post IS HERE http://according2sharon.blogspot.com/2013/04/foyerenrtyway-reveal.html

So you may or may NOT know that I am currently working on making our basement a place we can actually enjoy and use as a family. And YES! it is a work in progress because it is a large area and money is tight. The hubby has agreed to let me decorate it on a super tight budget. Providing I can pull it off of course. And I gave him my word that I would thrift decorate mostly the whole thing. So I have been working on sections at a time. As not to get to over whelmed and OFF track. (Because Lord knows I can easily get off track HA! HA!) So, with that being said So far I have completed our office:

I have also completed my craft room/laundry room. Well actually the laundry side is still kind of under construction but its almost complete. Here's How it look so far.

 You can view the actual Post here and see more pictures: http://according2sharon.blogspot.com/2013/03/craft-room-reveal.html

(Side Note:) Both office and craft/laundry room are located in the basement I am working from the far back corner to the front of the basement.
 Then I moved on out to the main part of the basement area which is where I am currently working at this point, The next space that you come to after leaving the office area is the space where I will place my dining room(Large Family Gatherings are on the way) I have painted that entire area and here's where the new dining room will be:

And this is what the space recently looked like: Sorry for the horrible picture clarity

So in my quest of thrift decorating I had to find me a dining room table and chairs, So the search began. I checked all my local Goodwill stores, All the thrift stores in my area, and of course the Habitat Store. Which is were I hit the jack pot! I came across these chairs and snagged then for $4.oo each. (talk about excited).

I have already stripped them of their original look and painted them(Stay tuned for transformation)

Now that I have my chairs I needed a table that could seat at least six since that's how many chairs I have. So I turned to my old friend Craig~ Yep Craigslist. In case you didn't know I stalks the heck out of him HA! HA! almost daily. OK a couple times a day actually. I am obsessed!
But my stalking paid off because I found the mother load of all tables:

She seats ten, and has two leafs in the middle that I could take out if I chose. My poor brain has been all over the place since the moment I unloaded her off the truck with ideas of how to paint her and what color or finish she will be. I am yet again over whelmed with excitement. I paid $80.00 for this grand ole girl. The guy had ten chairs  that came with it but I had no room for ten chairs, I didn't even want to temp myself so I told him to keep them.
We negotiated on this girl back and forth for a whole week. Guess who won???? (smiling)

Is It just me or do you get plum excited when you get a new piece of furniture to makeover?

Please stay tuned for the total transformation of my "Furniture Finds" and the basement makeover as I continue to move from section to section until she is all done.

That's my update folks, That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I am happily working on my table and chairs on this lovely Saturday morning.

Have a great weekend, and come back real soon now.

Yours Truly,

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Foyer " Reveal"

Happy late Easter! If you had anything near the kind of Easter I had then you are either at a gym working out! or your Tummy still feels like someone stuffed a car in it....HA!

And if you are feeling OK! then you shouldn't have a problem reading this post :)
This Reveal actually should have been one of the very FIRST areas that I should have worked on in my home. ( shame on me) Duhhh! its the first area you see upon entering my home.

Its the area that should make your visitors or family feel welcomed into your home or in my case make them feel like maybe they should come back another day! NO!  I'm just kidding. But it should be welcoming and friendly. Needless to say my area was lacking all of the above. But alas I have fixed that problem honey! And It was done on a budget.

Side note:
I know your suppose to show your finished project first and blah! blah!blah! but this is one of those projects that must be done the right way. I want to build you up to the reveal so lets look at what it looked like about an hour ago.( Warning: Picture Over Load)

This Foyer isn't a big area but it doesn't have to look so Blah and cold either.
(I was slacking on the job here) I know!
Here come the excuses.....
 Besides I had to wait to find the right piece that would fit in that area that didn't take up walking space, It couldn't be bulky, or two wide, or to tall, you get what
I'm saying? (laughing at all my excuses)

I came across the PERFECT, I mean  PERFECT size piece and here's what it looked like.

Notice on the piece I had began painting before I realized I hadn't taken a before picture
(Naughty Girl Sharon) So I put down the brush and took this picture. Ya ll know I gets way to excited for my own good when I'm working on something. So my apologies! :)

About the Paint: I wanted a chalk/milk/white washed looked for this piece.(Can one have all those looks at one time???? hum!) Well I wanted all of them so I mixed my own paints Like a Lowe's paint mixer and to my surprise It came out exactly how I wanted it too. I was surprised of course and prepared at the same time to redo this piece just in case It was a Fail.

I then took a little trip over to two of my favorite store so that I could deck this sassy mama out!
Home Goods and Ross to be exact
and here's what I found for little to nothing.

Owl was $2.50
Orange Vase $7.00 (has a small chip in the back)
Round Woven Glass Vase was $9.00

Total so far: $18.50

 Candy Bowl was $5.99
Wooden Seahorse $.5.00
 Total Roughly $30.00


Rug was $7.00

I replaced the hardware that was on it for these cute little leaves from Lowes. Cost $2.25 each

And there you have it Folks an entry way that I am now proud of, Come on over have you a piece of candy and stay a while!

Now back to our regular scheduled PROJECTS in progress the
BASEMENT........ whewww!

Thanks for stopping by, Come back real soon now!

Yours Truly, 

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