Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I would first like to say that my Prayers are with all those affected by the Boston Bombing. Another senseless act of PURE FOOLISHNESS. Weather we live there or not, or know someone that lives there, we are all affected and have been made to look closely at our lives. Love those around you dearly, and most of all love yourself.

Quick update....The Dining Room Table has been made over, I mean the dining room table has been painted. I still need to wax it before I show you......Patients...Patients! I know you are so excited to see it right? Well, I will tell you this. That FREAKING table kicked my  "Pah-Tooty" Just know that! I have also been working on two end tables and a coffee table. I have been a Busy Bee up in here honey! Stay tuned Reveals are coming really soon. I promise. Oh! and a big hug and thank you to all my new readers

Yours Truly,
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