Monday, April 1, 2013

Foyer " Reveal"

Happy late Easter! If you had anything near the kind of Easter I had then you are either at a gym working out! or your Tummy still feels like someone stuffed a car in it....HA!

And if you are feeling OK! then you shouldn't have a problem reading this post :)
This Reveal actually should have been one of the very FIRST areas that I should have worked on in my home. ( shame on me) Duhhh! its the first area you see upon entering my home.

Its the area that should make your visitors or family feel welcomed into your home or in my case make them feel like maybe they should come back another day! NO!  I'm just kidding. But it should be welcoming and friendly. Needless to say my area was lacking all of the above. But alas I have fixed that problem honey! And It was done on a budget.

Side note:
I know your suppose to show your finished project first and blah! blah!blah! but this is one of those projects that must be done the right way. I want to build you up to the reveal so lets look at what it looked like about an hour ago.( Warning: Picture Over Load)

This Foyer isn't a big area but it doesn't have to look so Blah and cold either.
(I was slacking on the job here) I know!
Here come the excuses.....
 Besides I had to wait to find the right piece that would fit in that area that didn't take up walking space, It couldn't be bulky, or two wide, or to tall, you get what
I'm saying? (laughing at all my excuses)

I came across the PERFECT, I mean  PERFECT size piece and here's what it looked like.

Notice on the piece I had began painting before I realized I hadn't taken a before picture
(Naughty Girl Sharon) So I put down the brush and took this picture. Ya ll know I gets way to excited for my own good when I'm working on something. So my apologies! :)

About the Paint: I wanted a chalk/milk/white washed looked for this piece.(Can one have all those looks at one time???? hum!) Well I wanted all of them so I mixed my own paints Like a Lowe's paint mixer and to my surprise It came out exactly how I wanted it too. I was surprised of course and prepared at the same time to redo this piece just in case It was a Fail.

I then took a little trip over to two of my favorite store so that I could deck this sassy mama out!
Home Goods and Ross to be exact
and here's what I found for little to nothing.

Owl was $2.50
Orange Vase $7.00 (has a small chip in the back)
Round Woven Glass Vase was $9.00

Total so far: $18.50

 Candy Bowl was $5.99
Wooden Seahorse $.5.00
 Total Roughly $30.00


Rug was $7.00

I replaced the hardware that was on it for these cute little leaves from Lowes. Cost $2.25 each

And there you have it Folks an entry way that I am now proud of, Come on over have you a piece of candy and stay a while!

Now back to our regular scheduled PROJECTS in progress the
BASEMENT........ whewww!

Thanks for stopping by, Come back real soon now!

Yours Truly, 

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