Sunday, March 3, 2013

" Beach Office" Reveal

Happy Sunday my beautiful readers! I Hope you all had an awesome weekend. I was busy as a bee in the office working hard to get it finished enough to Reveal it you. I am excited about it I love it and it turned out better then I had imagined. And the hubby gave it an "A" so that works for me. Lets see how it turned out Shall we?   Picture Overload Just so you know! :)

My Frame Gallery: I collected several pictures and empty frames from several Good Will Stores over a period of two days. I was looking for different shapes and sizes and my price range was not to exceed $2.00 a picture I lucked up and found most of these for $1.oo or less. (yay) Just what I needed to complete that large empty wall.

 The Hubby's area and desk. Remember I snatched that desk from Good Will Store a week ago.

The book shelf was my free find from Craigslist a few weeks ago items on the shelf were also Good Will goodies.

This was the area where the air conditioning Unit is housed. Easy access to get to it and stylish at the same time, I snagged those curtains from Big Lots Store for 15.00 for two panels.

The hubby and I have more then enough space in our beach office so that we wont be stepping on each other like we were in the kitchen. (lol) even though we are in the same room I have my area and he has his. I love it

This is my area here all nice and tucked away! I feel like now that I am in a nice organized space my creative juices can really flow!

I found this window frame at  the Habitat Store for $5.00 I decided since there aren't any windows in our space I would make one ( I like it) I added an OLD PIC of me and the Hubs when were were younger and much skinnier.  I cut one of the panels and used it as a valance and the other half to hide the storage area under the stairs. and I didn't sew these either. " Thanks Stitch witchery"

I cant forget my Shell light fixture, OK so its not really a light fixture its a Wind Chime but it was perfect for the theme right? so I just hooked it around the light and now I have a "shelldelier " I totally just made that word up! :)

With out further ado Lets see what this space use to look like. Take a stroll with me down memory lane.

Some Before and Afters

Although the office still has some little finishing touches that need to be done. I still wanted to share with you the progress so far, I might add some more trinkets here and there, and I still have to get my desk knobs and other small things like that but for the major stuff the office is complete. The Beach theme was perfect for me because I absolutely love the beach, So now every day in my office will be a day at the beach! I cant beat that right? So anytime you want a mini vacation stop on by the office and kick your feet up! I'll be here.......

Yours Truly,

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