Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY Sun Burst (Poster Board)

I have FINALLY started working on the basement, Its a work in progress for sure. My hubby jump on board with the decorating one room at a time idea once I completed our daughters Princess Room. As part of the plan I promised him that I would thrift 85% of the design to save money and still allow us to be able to enjoy a beautiful space Once and for all.( He Agreed)

With that being said I had been looking online for ideas I could do or recreate  to begin decorating the walls. One thing that had always caught my eye here on the Internet and in the Blog World  was the "sunburst" there are tons of ways to make them and things to use to make them, I was sold. They take up a nice amount of space which is what I wanted and they can be very cheap to make. So with that being said I began making one for myself and adding of course my own flare. The whole process took just under an hour.

Lets get started shall we?  This is how it turned out

This was so fun, And super easy to make and it only cost me roughly $1.32  total.

I added a little something extra! (because I'm a little extra)

Now lets talk about just how easy this was to make, and what all I used.

I purchased 5 poster boards from ACmoore which cost me $.57 for all 5 poster 
(That going out of business sale is right on point)
One poster board  made 6 strips I used 2 1/2 poster boards for the whole project.

I already had my round mirror from a metal sunburst I had, That I was about to trash, So i just removed the mirror and tossed the rest.

I purchased the wooden circle from  Acmoore as well for only .75 that brings us to a total of  $ 1.32
I already had the paint, the glue gun and the Time.

Here's the easy process of putting it together.

Next you will need to decide how wide you want your strips (that's up to you)
I didn't measure anything I just folded the board into strips that looked to be the same size. You can measure yours out if you like for a more perfect precise look.

I used my craft scissors to cut the edges. I then painted my wooden circle blue(left over paint) and let dry.

Once all the strips were cut and my painted circle was dry I began to hot glue down the strips, making sure I glued using the North, South, East and West method. And gluing down my shorter pieces first and filling in in between with the larger pieces. Until I reached my desired fullness and that's it!!!! Simple Right?

 And I ended up with this

It added just what I needed to the basement, And didn't even cost as much as a cup of coffee
 (hubby was happy about that). Stay tuned for updates on the basement as they come available and have a happy weekend.

Yours Truly,
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