Thursday, March 7, 2013

Latest Project in Progress

Happy Thursday! I have been at it once again. Have you been busy working on any projects? Well let me tell you something. I have started the process of tackling probably the biggest most challenging project yet! We call it the dungeon here in my house.

The real name is the laundry room. Its not the most pleasant place to be, We all dread going down stairs to do laundry, It has no appeal what so ever, actually its a catch all for everything we don't have a place for. Here I will show you.

 I have been on pinterest and various blogs grabbing any and every piece of inspiration I can, I have a vision for this space that I really need to bring to life. I plan on making it my craft room and laundry room combo, I want it to feel cheery and vibrant and colorful, and so exciting ect ect.I also make jewelry so I really need a place I can put all my things and be inspired in the process thats really organized and laid out.

I have chosen the paint color,  but haven't began painting yet because I had to fill in the holes from the racks I removed, I'm waiting for the plaster to dry so I can start painting and so far the room looks like this:

 Nice and clean! Finally. So stay tuned for the reveal of this room as I create a laundry/craft room fit for a crafter. Notice I didn't say anything about the laundry part. (lol) perhaps when its complete I might just start enjoying laundry days! NOT!

 See you soon with an update.... If you have any laundry room, craft rooms you want to show off send me the link so I can go check them out.

Yours Truly,