Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Craft Table Redo

While on the search for a table for my new craft room I decided to check out a place called
"Mission Thrift Store" This was about a week ago, I found the perfect table for my craft room/laundry room. It was the right size and everything.(Boy did I like that table) I didn't have access to a truck this particular day nor did I want to pay 40.00 for the the table. Was it worth 40.00? yes it was. I was just being cheep and hoping for a better deal (what can I say?) so I decided to continue browsing other places in hopes of finding a better deal and hoping my Papa could come get it for me. Needless to say I had NO LUCK AT ALL (bummer).

A week later which was two days ago, I go back to the mission to get "MY TABLE" and I have Papa on standby with his truck to come get it for me. But NO TABLE it had been sold! I was deeply upset on the inside (auhhhh) I should have just gotten it last week I thought to myself.

So i began browsing the store, no need to waist a good thrift store browse right? Who knows what I might find. And "Whala" there she was. Just waiting for me. Another table. I could work with this I though! Hummm! Not as big as the other table I let get away! But it had charm. And it had a 50% off tag on it (which really caught my eye). Works for me!

When I got to the register I heard the sweetest thing. (an additional 20% off if your Birthday is in this month and you have ID to prove it) WHAT! Oh My word....Thank you LORD! I GOT HER FOR ONLY $23.00  It was meant to be.

I came home, all excited of course. And out of breath from getting this heavy sucker out the car by myself.
I did my usual prep work. Cleaned her down really good, primed her with Killz. And began painting her a soft grey, Actually its a soft grey with light blue under tones. (don't even know the name of the color) Sorry!

Now she looks likes this:

 I went with the original hardware just because I liked the sleekness of it. So for 23.oo and a lil elbow grease, I would say I got a good deal. Happy Birthday to me. You can go check her out now in the craft room. .

Thanks for stopping by.....Come again real soon now!

Yours Truly,