Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY Sun Burst (Using Shims)

Its called project over load or is it Saturday boredom? Whatever it may be I have been up in here busy being as crafty as I know how to be today(shopping in my own home). Decorating is so much fun (wouldn't you agree?) and when you can create projects for little or no money that makes it even more fun. Right? Since I'm on this serious mission decorating my basement I am always, I repeat always searching for neat Ideas to make my own, In my last post I made a sun burst out of poster board, And I liked it so much I decided I would create another one. Except this time I used wood shims and a little something special, that's near and dear to my heart (jewelry).

Lets take a look at how this one turned out:

I used some old jewelry that I wasn't going to wear anymore, But didn't want to part with just yet.
(I just love my jewelry even if I'm not wearing it) alone with some random beads I had from my jewelry making.

What I like most about the sun burst in general is how much space it takes up,(you can make it as large or as small and you choose) I like it BIG! It also comes in handy when you have a fairly large wall you want to cover.

I really like the jewelry part and since I already made one with a mirror I thought this would be a neat idea, plus I hadn't seen one quite like this one yet, And I love it.

Here's how I made this bedazzled beauty!


1. I Gathered all the things I thought I would need. Of course along the way I changed some things out. (You know how projects sometimes take a turn!!!!!)

2. I then cut out a circle  in  the cardboard to use as the back of my sun burst and the part I would attach the shims too to create the sun burst.  I then gathered my shims into piles according to length.

3. (side note) I attached two shims together to get longer lengths (used a glue gun of course)
Now its time to paint my shims.

4. Then I began attaching the shims to the cardboard: I filled in the spaces until I had a complete circle with my desired lengths using the longest first then the next length then I attached the shortest last.

5. I used  a lid from one of those plain boxes that I purchased from ACmoore
(like the ones I decorated for storage in my craft room) I have so many it crazy!  I just used one and covered it with fabric first. Then I began embellishing it with Jewels.

Once I had it like I wanted, I then hot glued the whole thing right on top of the shims let dry and placed on the wall in my up and coming dining room. (stay tuned for that also)

It was simple, easy, and free because I had everything already! (Now I cant beat that with a stick)

Thanks for stopping by as always, Feel free to look around the blog at older post if you haven't already and please come again soon.

Yours Truly, 

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