Monday, March 4, 2013

Easy (DIY) ST. Pattys Wreath

Hey there beautiful readers! As spring is approaching pretty quickly so is St. Patricks Day. I thought it would be fun to make a wreath for my door using items I already had here at home. Lets see how it turned out.

Lets see what all I used to complete this quick project ( using only things I already had)

I began with some white tissue paper  that was in a gift I received Christmas,  green tissue paper that was wrapped around pair of the hubby's shoes when he purchased them, and a piece of card board that I removed from one of my frames. (Side Note: I save tissue paper and bows from gifts! YEP sure do )

Next I had to figure out what I was going to use to create the roundness of my wreath. I looked all around for something round but big enough to give me a decent size circle. This was all I could find. But it worked. My dirty seat  top to a stool I use when painting projects. :)

Perfect (dont judge my lovely seat) and a circle was formed.

Next I simply cut the circle out. However, this was a pretty thick piece of cardboard, I had to score it first with a box cutter to get it started. Then I was able to cut it with a regular pair of scissors. The not so perfect edges wasn't a problem because I knew I was going to cover them up.

  Now I that I have my large circle, I now needed a smaller circle in the middle. Lord! now what am I going to use for that? And there in a pile of trash was the inside of a clock that I had no longer needed after robbing it for the" frame" . Oh well! lets use it.  I need that middle circle. ( lol)

Once I cut out the middle circle I took the tissue paper starting with the white first I folded it in long strips and began wrapping it around the wreath( sorry I didn't take a picture I figured that part was self explanatory once you saw the wreath) I continued to wrap it until it was all gone and taped the paper down in the back  of the wreath with a small piece of tape.

Now that I have my wreath construction complete I needed to add some St. Patty's embellishments right?
I can ( IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM DRAW) I just wanted to put that out there before we go on. But I attempted it anyway I wanted to keep my wreath simple and chic but It still needed something. I tried to keep it as EASY for myself as possible. The easiest thing I could think of to add was a Hat 
(The Leprechaun's hat) and of course a pot of gold. That's the most important part anyway is the "GOLD" just kidding its all important'

I sketched out a hat and did the same for the pot. I laid my templates out on a scrap piece of black fabric cut them to fit exactly, I used tacky spray to hold the fabric in place and cut the edges to fit exactly. And hot glued them to my wreath. Oh! Wait I need some " Gold for my pot" I found these old flowers in my laundry room PERFECT PERFECT. They were already gold too.

I snipped off a few pieces and taped them inside my pot. And that's it
 a St.Patty's wreath was born.....

Until our next project guys.....Take care

What crafts have you make from items laying around your house?????

Yours Truly, 

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