Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY Box Decorating

I was out and about the other day Just browsing and always in search of a deal that might happen to fall into my lap of course, when all of a sudden  I ran up on this. And let me tell you I almost ran my car up on the curb trying to read it and make sure my eyes wasn't playing a dirty trick on me.

WHATTTT!!!!!  Honey! I threw my car into park and ran walked into the store fast as I could. 
this is a crafters second heaven. I expected it to be somewhat chaotic but it wasn't that bad. I mean If you don't count the half empty shelves, or the stuff all over the floor, or the two ladies arguing at the register about a price. I mean It was to be expected.Right? Some craft doers take crafting to a whole new  level especially when a sale is involved and its ONLY ONE OF SOMETHING LEFT. (I'm just saying)
Anyhoo! I did pretty good! what do you think?

My bill was $105.12 which was very well spent considering how much stuff I had, and of course I was eager to get the heck back home to stock my craft room, and take inventory just in case I needed to go back. Mind you it was about a 35 min drive to the next city. So today Saturday I plan on going back just to see what all they have left if anything,And seeing a 75% off sign would be an even nicer treat to see when i get there. ( hehehehe)
OK OK  I will settle for a 50% off sign.( But really I WANT the 75% off sign) :)

There was one thing out of all my finds that I really wanted to show you and it was these here

These ranged in prices from 1.oo to 1.71 I think the large round one was 2.00. When I saw these I thought of the endless I mean endless possibilities I could do with them. Right? You are probably sitting there right now thinking too, of all YOU can do with em' and I know you came up with more then three things you can use these boxes for.  Here's what I did with mine:

I had some old flowers here at home and decided to use them along with some ribbon, I hand painted this box with regular wall paint I had left over. This box holds my paints!

This wine box would make a Great Gift to someone or use it as nice pretty box to hold new paint brushes that haven't been used yet.

Another Hand painted box with ribbon detail. You can go as Crazy as you want or as Simple as you want.

I covered these with fabric squares that I also picked up from there for 1.oo, I just wrapped them like presents and use my glue gun to secure the fabric....I then stenciled my label on the front and WHALLAAAA!!!!! Storage boxes that are easy on the eyes, functional and so crafty.

These are all being used in my fabulous Craft Room/ Mom Retreat. I just wanted to share that with you. I hope you have a great weekend and Make sure you come back soon ok??????

Yours Truly,