Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chair Redo (Sisters) Reunited

When I start a project I go in on it hard, Once I start I have to complete it or at least get all the major stuff done and out the way. (or I will not be able to sleep) And what I do when working on a major project like a room redo I always sit down and figure out what major components have to be in the space. Then I head out and thrift them. (YUP THAT'S RIGHT)

So when I began working on my Craft room I knew I wanted two chairs. I knew in my mind what they needed to look like and feel like. Then I remembered how much I really liked the chair I redone in my guest bedroom. And how it would function just perfect in my space, because It rolled. Yes It has wheels! lol I might just  need to roll from one area to the next while working on projects or something! (ha ha)

I figured why not go back to the place I found that chair right? ( I am such a genius) that's a start. And so I did. And just like her (the original chair) sat her sisters almost in the same spot I found her. It was three of them but I only needed two. I felt bad having to leave one behind. But I had no choice.

I rushed them home to reunite them with their other sibling and to show them how pretty they were going to look once I was done making them over. I will show you a picture of the chair in her before stage. I didn't take pictures of the two new ones Before Picture because its I identical to this one

I really love the style of these chairs, I'm guess someone probably used them as dining room chairs at one point in their lives. Here is the link to the story of this particular chair just in case you missed it :)

I would like to introduce to you my new chairs that are now being used in my craft room

I didn't want them to be exactly the same so I switched some things up on them as you can see. They are sisters not twins (ha ha) And since they are in my craft room I wanted to make them a little fun and playful.


They are really showing off their new clothes honey. (WORK IT YALL)

I figured since you will see the backs of them first when walking into the room that should be the part that has the most "va va voom"

And that's the story of the three sister chairs reunited folks. 

 I couldn't leave her out she was the first you know?

Thanks for stopping by.....Come back soon and see whats poping!

Yours Truly,