Sunday, February 10, 2013

Upholstered Chair Redo

This is the first time I have ever attempted to upholster a chair like this, I mean I normally stick to kitchen chairs (the seat part), stools. Simple stuff like that, But I stepped out my box and went for a more complicated style chair. This was a tester for me before I attack the ORANGE CHAIR I showed you a while back. This was Practice. Not really this chair gave me a run for my money.
 Lets begin shall we?
 OK so I plan on retaking the picture because You can't really see the true colors of this beautiful fabric. By the way the paint was still wet. Impatient I know!!!!
The back of the chair proved to be a real challenge for me, Next time I will know what do.

It just wouldn't be right if I don't explain how we even got to this point. Lets look at her when she was wearing her old worn and torn dress. She had seen better days I'm sure.
I stumbled up on a thrift store that I wasn't even looking for(LUCKY ME)  and of course I had to go in. And there in the back of the store in a corner she sat all alone. With an $8.oo tag hanging on her arm. Surely she was insulted by such a cheap price. But I felt she wasn't worth it ( I didn't tell her that though) instead I told the owner and with that being said he said GIVE ME $5.00 and take it.

I saw a vision for her that was beyond her wildest imagination, and I drove fast as I could to Hancock Fabrics, since they were having a 50% off sale on their out door and upholstery fabrics. But this old girl didn't want to change her dress. FOR NOTHING!!!! Literally  I cant say that I have ever been beat up my a chair before. But she GOT ME GOOD.
I began trying to strip her down, paying CLOSE attention to how this old dress hugged her curves so I would know just how to put the new one  back on.
 I wanted to salvage as much as I could to use later. So I was extremely careful during this part, I had to assure her that I would KEEP the old dress once it was removed
She continued to put up a fight, she stabbed me with her staples on several occasions.
I continued to undress this old Gal and the fight kept getting harder

So much so I had to flip this old girl upside down, I tugged and I pulled,  I broke a sweat working with her.
       (little do she know shes next) shhhhh...
Once she saw her old dress laying on the floor intact as I promised she CALMED DOWN
I had to save the Pisces so that I could use them as a template for her new dress ( she thought I was really going to keep that old mess NOT!!!

Once I got her completely undressed I had to go back and remove all the stables and tacks that were sticking out. Pliers would do the trick
NOW look at her all ready for her new dress, stripped of the old one and so exposed
She was primed
Then she was painted with this product below $10.00 at Lowe's
She was put back together. I even did double Cording

I applied the cording with a hot glue gun
The back of her dress is slightly different then the one I took off, But hey I tried.

And there she is all Beautiful in her NEW DRESS, which by the way she LOVES now.
Shes Glad she trusted me now. She doesn't even like to look at her Old pictures anymore.
Be sure and come back soon more redo's and thrift finds on the way......

  Yours Truly, 

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