Thursday, February 7, 2013

Habitat Store Chandelier Redo

I added some BLING BLING to this "fancy Pants" Chandelier, My original plan was to put it in my daughters room since it has a Royal Feel too it,  and that GLAM Factor and it goes with her theme. However its way to big for the space, our standard height ceilings aren't tall enough, And I thought since it was going to be over her bed the size wouldn't matter since it wouldn't be in any one's walk way, its so big even making the chain shorter it still hung very close to her bed, so I had to make the heart breaking decision to NOT PUT IT IN HER ROOM....It will find a new home some where else in this house because It took me a long time to place each little crystal like "ALL DAY LONG" But lets look at where we started I  found her at the Habitat store for only 25.00. to me it was a steal
I primed and painted it white
but because I am the BLING Queen I had to add some sparkly. (DISCLAIMER) this took patients and more patients and a little bit of time (no really a lot of time), so if you plan on doing something like this I would suggest get you some headphones, find you a good music line up and get to it.

Remember these (also featured in my sneak peak Sunday post)
Hot Glue was my best friend

she went from
Unfortunately its intended purpose has to be rerouted to another room in my home, which is OK, I haven't decided where yet but soon as I decide I will show you, Oh and remember those little lamp shades I made with the fabric they were for this project. I made 6 of them to match in my daughters room. I will post the info in a separate post on the DIY mini shade

 Yours Truly,

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