Monday, February 4, 2013

Night Stand WHAT????

Lets go back to where it all started....Remember they use to look something like this. And in their original state they weren't bad, just not the look I was going for.

A side view
  Top view
Then I began to work it out....( My husband always say I'm in the LAB) also known as a space in the basement where i do all my projects ....hahaha ....I first cleaned them down with dish detergent and dried them well and then began to sand away the shine 
I had to remove the hardware (the new hardware will be crystal nobs, she chose that of course ) EVERYTHING HAS TO BLING

I will be holding on to these. I just might need them for another project, they just wouldn't work for the look I'm going for here. I don't throw anything out. No Sir Buddy
Then came the priming process
By the way I used about 3 coats of primer
and here are the two products I used 
My wonderful End table has now become a Night Stand and she looked something like this
Now I could have easily stopped right there because That looks pretty good right? But my creative monster took over once again, I just felt that it needed more glam and wow factor, It just wasn't giving me that Royal look I needed. So I proceed to use the left over BLACK paint from the black wall that I painted in her room (waste not want not) right? this is the back side of them
 I wanted to add that special something so I painted the sides of the drawers with the left over pink paint from the head board redo, and added fabric left over from another project I will show you later to the inside of the drawer
I am pleased with the over all look, I feel it has that WOW factor now. once I add the crystal nobs these sisters will be COMPLETE

 I placed the lamps on there to get a feel for the type of shade I want, Knowing me I will probably just get a plain white one and GLAM IT OUT with my own personal touch what do you think so far? you can see a lil bit of the head board also. Its coming alone guys.....WOOO WEEEE
Come back soon as I continue to bring this Princess Room to completion

Yours Truly,


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