Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sneak Peeks....CHECK THIS OUT

Hey there....I am guessing most of you all are eating good food. cheering for your team and just simply enjoying all the Super Bowl festivities, (I hope your team wins.) I am not a sports person but I did have the TV on so that I could hear it in the back ground, The hubby and daughter were all into it. I on the other hand was working on something very special. I went thrift store hopping this weekend and I cant WAIT TO SHOW YOU WHAT I stumbled up on. Better yet what I have turned my goods into.(They are still a work in progress so you just have to wait and see). I will give you a sneak peak of my items though (no need to keep you in suspense) however I'm not so sure if you will  even recognize them when you see them again. But before I show you what I have found. I want to give a (shout out) to the habitat store for always having good stuff for a girl like me, I even found another one located only about 8 miles from my house that I didn't even know existed. and a (Shout out) to The Goodwill store. you knew what I was looking for and you had it right there on the shelve just for me....Thanks....OK so here's what I had the pleasure of bringing home to recreate.  REMEMBER THESE ARE ONLY A SNEAK PEEK.

End tables were 30.00 for the pair (Habitat store ) they were in excellent condition
   Chandelier was 25.00 at (the second Habitat store) the one that's closer to my house that I didn't even know about

Lamps were 6.oo for the pair at a Goodwill store I had the cashier put a light in them and plug them up before I handed over the green.

That's all I can show you for now.....stay tuned for the grand reveal of these lovely items. I am so excited. all these pieces spoke to me. and NOW they are screaming at me to get completed. I am almost finished with them. I'm just fine tuning the know how it is right?

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