Monday, February 18, 2013

The Princess Room Reveal

I know you all are just ridiculously tired of hearing about the royal room, Hell I'm tired of talking about the Royal Room. Nooo...(Im kidding) I am glad its 99% complete. I'm going to go ahead and show you what it looks like so far and of course as things change in there I will update you .

DRUM ROLL PLEASEEEEE: this is the entrance into the space
The pictures came from Ikea $7.oo a piece
This chandelier is a much better fit than the white one we tried to hang. Thanks Ikea.
There's the double mirrors
 Unfortunatly you cant really see the dresser face because of the bed, but she refuses to change her room around. She like the placement the way it is. she said as long as she can get in her dresser its ALL GOOD.......

 You will see the before and after of this chair soon,It was the red rocker I showed you in my free stuff post. (I still need to add the piping)
 I hadn't added the bulbs yet (overly excited I guess) the chandelier was purchased from Ikea Nice compliment to my spoon art huh?
 Remember this Lamp? I purchased a plane shade from walmart and bedazzled it with some crystals I found at Ross for $7.oo
And thats it folks, My daughter is thrilled to death about her new space. I rarely see her anymore. I believe I did pretty good accomplishing her theme and demands. What do you think?  I hope you enjoyed the tour, and I hope you will come back and visit soon. next room reveal coming up.

Yours Truly, 
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