Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spoons Arent Just for "EATING"

I  got this Idea from another blogger, However I cant for the life of me remember the name of her blog, As soon as I figure it out I will mention it so you can go check hers out, Anyway hers was used as a mirror and hung on the wall and if I'm not mistaken it was painted blue. (I think). I just thought it was such  a cool and neat idea so I decided to try it out, I didn't however see mines as a mirror I was inspired to use mines a different way. But for now lets talk about how I put it together I'm sure you are dying to know.......These spoons were left over from my daughter baby shower so I already had them, but the project can make a Hugh impact for a small amount of money.
Lets begin:
I actually showed you this in a sneak peak Sunday post all it is, is a Styrofoam  ring used for flower arrangements cost me less then 3.00 I'm sure, and the smaller one was even cheaper. the sticks are just PAINT stirs that I have laying around from all my painting projects.
this is the underside which I glued with a hot glue gun
Next you will need plastic spoons If you plan on painting yours you could use any color spoon I happen to have clear ones

Next break off the handle leaving just the scoop part, these broke pretty easy, but if you have trouble you can just cut them with scissors. Now you should have something that looks like this
Next I began to HOT GLUE the spoons going along the outer edge of the Styrofoam

just keep going .....
And GOING.......

ONCE you have completed the circle you want to go back and start another row but this time stagger the spoons so that they are off set, I didn't take a pic of this part because I was on a roll and forgot too. (sorry) once it was complete and full to my liking I then sprayed a coat of primer on them
It kind of looks like a FLOWER Does'nt it?, any- hoo I had a brilliant idea to place this in an unusual place but before I could do that I had to paint it the color I needed it to be, and so I came up with this color, since it is going in the "princess room". SO PINK IT SHALL BE.
Let me show you where I decided to put mines, Also beware that this next picture all leads to my next post of a true chandelier "FAIL" I just want you too see my idea which by the way I will still use just a smaller scale chandelier. LOOK UP!!!! The Chandelier will have to be replaced because It was too big for the space, but trust me when I tell you I tried like crazyyyyy  to make it work. And just as I began to take it back down I thought I should take the pic so you can see where I'm going with it. The SPOON project was so light weight I just HOT GLUED it to the ceiling.and it stayed put.

OK stay tuned for the Chandelier make over saga...

                                             Yours Truly,
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