Saturday, February 23, 2013

Before and After Chair " Up-do "

This Chair was one of the Free chairs I grabbed from Craigslist, They remind me of chairs that Mr. and Mrs. Claus would sit in at the North Pole, around a Hugh fireplace planning the route to distribute toys to all the little children .(at least that's what I imagine) lol
anyway enjoy the before and After.

Oh! you know in my moment of excitement and with my many projects going on all at once, I get ahead of myself, This chair by the way isn't even finished. But its finished enough for me to show you. And for you to get the idea. I will completely finish it and the other one I showed you in my daughters Princess Room today or tomorrow.

This is what the chair used to  look like:

This is what she looks like now

Disclaimer: you might notice that my curvy area at the top of the chair is Slightly Off Centered Right? (I never claimed to be a chair upholster connoisseur) lol mistakes happen. But I do love this beauty anyway......

You might also notice there isn't a back shot of the chair. That's because I haven't added the rest of the piping yet. (That's the part that's not complete) But as soon as shes finished I will show you again.

 With this chair I decided since I am going to use it as my office chair along with my new revamped desk that the cording as it came was very natural looking, so I decided not to cover it with fabric I simply applied it straight to the chair. This chair screams "Beach" to me thus the light and airy fabric choice. 

I purchased a yard and a half of fabric and only used a yard, I will be making a NO SEW PILLOW with the remaining fabric. I purchased it at Hancock's Fabrics  on sale for 50% off so I ended up paying less then $20.00 for it, I already had the piping from the Yellow and Grey Chair Redo. And the Chair itself was Free.

I spray painted her a metallic silver after priming her of course, ( the same paint from my dresser hardware) this product here. The top looks gold but its really silver

I began by carefully removing all the fabric, trying not to rip anything because I always use the old clothes as a template for the new clothes.

So much for not ripping the old clothes right? Hey sometimes it happens

 And there in a pile lay the " OLD TORN AND TATTERED CLOTHES "

 Shes ready to be dressed and fantsy'ied up ( I know that word isn't in the dictionary) :)

 And since I was Redoing two chairs that were the same design, I completed the rocker first for my daughters room so I used the same template later to cut the fabric for this chair. But I will show you how the pattern looked with the other fabric

 This is the cushion part of the seat, it was stuffed with straw and cotton( hummm!) HADNT SEEN THAT BEFORE IN A CHAIR

 The end.....and that's the story folks of an old chair " UP-DO"

Have a good Weekend Guys!!!!!

Yours Truly, 
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