Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Dresser Redo for the (Blue Room)

Hey there my friend! I hope all is well with you. I mentioned in my last post how I (kind of hit the lottery) well not the money lotto, the furniture lotto, via Craigslist "free stuff". Let me just tell you, I have been working on projects like crazy this week, ( a painting fool up in here) Mainly because I was so ready to get both of those rooms completed "finally" so that I can move on to something else in my home, both of those bedrooms have been a work in progress for some time now. So my free items came at the PERFECT time. Anyhoo.....lets get this remake started shall we?

 This is what it looked Like when I picked it up from the nice lady:
 And now it looks like this: (brace yourself)
Heres a side view

I always like to add a little surprise: to both the inside and and out. That's the left over fabric from the chair redo I did the other day(for the same room), I told you I don't waist anything, the paint on the dresser was paint I already had here at home. That's the blue that is on the walls, the yellow I used to paint those night stands I showed you the other day also in the room, the grey paint was used on my daughters walls. So  I guess you could say the total cost of this project = my time

So what do you think?
The handles are the original handles and I really liked them so I decided to keep them and just spray them another color. I started out with this product

I positioned them to be sprayed, today was the perfect day for outside spray painting

I then used this product to transform them back into something "Gorg"
And that's the story of how a dresser was transformed for FREE......
 here's a sneak peak of the room the dresser now reside in. I promise I will show you the whole room reveal shortly. I have some finishing touches to work on.

stay tuned and thanks for stopping by come back tomorrow for the other dresser reveal.

Yours Truly, 

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