Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY mini lamp shades

I just knew I was on to something here..... but as most of you DIY'ers know sometimes things don't work out as planned, and this was one of those times. I THOUGHT i was going to use these babies on my chandelier redo, and I still might, but they didn't work out in the space i had planned because the chandelier was way to big. so lets get started anyway so I can show you how I did it.
 This fabric was left over from the night stand redo:
These are the babies I'm going to cover with this fabric: They were 2.99 at ACmoore, but I had a coupon so I got them for 1.79 at the end of my transaction
Next you will want to lay out your fabric and just make sure you have enough for your project and so you will know just how much to each baby shade will use.
I placed the baby shade on the fabric starting at the far corner and just folded it on the shade to see about how much it would take to cover their "little behinds". Once I got that part I just cut it off. Didn't want to waist NOTHING!
Now I have my size and I'm ready to move on
The products you will need are Glue gun and some tacky spray which I also grabbed from ACmoore
Next I laid the baby shade on the fabric and did another DRY RUN of folding to make sure it was placed just right and also making sure my measurement was correct.

 Since It was Correct I simply sprayed the tacky spray on the side i was working on and began to fold the fabric over smoothing out any wrinkles (this product is very forgiving you can pull it back up and redo it if you make a mistake and it will still be tacky)

Now we can cut off the excess fabric(note: make sure you leave about 1/2 inch of fabric at the top and bottom for folding over and cleaning up. (so DON'T CUT TO MUCH OFF)

 Now take your Hot Glue gun, add glue to either the fabric or the actual shade and fold it over and smoothe out. Top and bottom
 You should have something that looks like this:
 I added a little extra something, I Found this at Hancock Fabric for .13 a yard so I HAD TO GET IT!
 Glue gun in hand and I began to place it on the bottom of my shade all the way around.
 And that's it guys. you should end up with a cute little baby shade embellished with your own personal love....
 Its a "dag on shame" my idea didn't work, But I still have hope I'm not giving up that easy....stay tuned for more

                                              Yours Truly,

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