Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY screw up!!!! Gone Wrong...Back to Right

Happy Friday my beautiful readers! Its the weekend YALL!!!! I hope everyone had a good week.

 Now lets talk about my situation here for a second and how my lil stinking project idea has went south.  If you know anything about DIY projects then you already know that sometimes things (well) don't always turn out as planned.
     You might remember me showing you a few of the items I lucked up and got for free on craigslist. One item in particular was a desk. I figured the desk would be awesome for the hubby, and since the home office was the next big redo, the desk would be "PERFECT".wrongggggg! first off he is too "BIG" for the desk. YES! to big. He's 6'5 in height and this is what the desk looked like when I broght it home.

We tested it out and he really looked like he was sitting at a child's desk ( it was kind of funny) not only could he not fit in the little knee space but he wasn't feeling the top part of the desk either. He said he felt like he was sitting at a piano instead of a desk.

I guess you could say I still had hope of making it work so I told him. Wait honey I can fix that problem!. And so I began some minor reconstruction( i guess in my mind I thought if I removed the part he didn't like somehow (being to big for the desk would change). So I removed the top part.

Of course that wasn't the case. The desk just wasn't going to work!(sad face) then it hit me later that day. Heyyyyy........ I will keep the desk for myself and just go find him another one. Problem solved.
My hubby and I will be sharing the home office space once its complete so I immediately began thinking of a design idea that would work for the both of us (not to girly) and definitely (not to masculine)
      So while I knew I would start searching craigslist for him a desk and thrifting around town, I began working on my NEW DESK! this is where things went terribly wrong.

      I have a serious problem of mixing left over paints creating all sorts of colors and such. I mixed up a batch of paint and ended up with a color I fell head over hills for(actually two colors. I thought it was just beautiful.  And perfect for my new desk.

      I began painting and boy! I was getting excited because it was really pretty. I applied the first coat and while it was drying I began working on the free book case I got from craigslist, its going in our office also.

Talk about a bad damn day! the color I used for the book shelf was also mixed paints I created. This is what the book shelf looked like in its original "Free State".

After mixing paint like a mad scientist I ended up with this. Please excuse the picture quality and the colors are washed out  and not accurate  the shelf was actually a dark blue and the desk was kind of coral

 I was going to match the drawers with the shelf

The Desk

When it was time to apply the second coat and possibly a third coat there was no more paint....I mean my lil cans were empty. (Now what ....the what) am i going to do? It wasn't like I could just run to Lowe's and get more....I made those colors. Uggggggh! talk about frustrated. It just wasn't going to work.

Soooooo. to relieve some of my frustration I decided to take a break from my furniture mishaps and began messing in the laundry room and messing under the stairs and WHALAAAAA.... I found a whole can of paint Brand new. ( I had to think for a second why I even had it and what I was going to use it for) I had purchased it a while back because It was the color I was originally going to paint the guest room with before I changed my mind and went with the blue and black.

Great color for the New Office....... Yes this would work.  So I began painting the new office and here's what it looks like so far. Keep in mind there are no windows in this room. Its located in the far back corner of  the basement. So I was really glad it was a light color other wise I wouldn't have used it back there.

 Its like a minty greenish blue color (OK all made up words I know) but you get the idea. It makes me think of the BEACH!!!!! and thus the theme for the office was born.....A Beach Theme Office.

This is the area where my husbands stuff will go.
  This is the entrance area and where my stuff will go
  This area will definitely take some creativity because I'm not looking at that big ugly trane system while I'm in there ( NO WAY)

 another angle of my lil area
OK! So Beach Theme office it is. And the hubby said I trust you! I know you will make it not look so cheesy and over the 

Alright so my sweet Granny called me and asked where could she find her some white dishes at?  and she mentioned her price limit was $ 1.00 a plate. I mentioned Good Will and that lead to us taking a trip to a few Good Will stores. Granny was on the hunt for white dishes and I was on the hunt for a new desk for hubby. I had already envisioned exactly what the desk needed to look like.
 I also had said if I couldn't find one I would just build him one. After traveling to a Good Will store #1  and the salvation army thrift store we ended up at yet another Good Will store #2. (by the way Granny found her dishes at Good will store #1)  and I found this at Good Will store #2


 Just Right for the Hubby. Size was perfect, He could fit under it and the top was nice in size for all his junk. I mean stuff.
 Exactly what I envisioned  and only  $15.00

I  began priming my desk and the book shelf all over again  because the colors had to go.

I have already painted them The " NEW COLORS "as well as the hubby's desk. I cant wait to show you our Beach Theme office once its complete.  Even though my original DIY Idea went South.

 I have since changed that into something great for he and I ......stay tuned for the reveal  guys.

I plan on taking another trip this weekend to Ikea to snag some office stuff to spruce things up in this office joint. (anything to go shopping) right? :)   Have a Great weekend guys !

Yours Truly,
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