Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dresser Turned Sideboard

Hey there! happy Sunday. So  I mentioned to you I was blessed to get some free items from Craigslist, Those items will keep me pretty busy for a few days I'm sure. Ok! This dresser I am about to show you is by far my most favorite piece I have painted so far. Why? you might ask. Well I will tell you why, I have always wanted a sideboard/side table (however you choose to say it) in my kitchen. I have yet to find one that SPOKE To me, or one that would fill the space just right. This dresser definitely has fit the bill. I am so into double duty items or using items for other purposes then what their original intent was. This is a perfect case of just that. So lets get started.

This is what she use to look like:
 I am in love with this dresser side table it's so 70's to me which happensto be the era I was born. Now she looks like this:

The color on her was a color I made myself, it was several left over paints that I didn't want to just toss out, and I knew I wasn't going to be using them again so waist not want not. I dumped them all into an empty bucket and began to stir away. I ended up with this blue/green mixture which I absolutely love it ties really well with the colors in the family room. Which you can see from the Kitchen.

I decided to keep the same hardware because I really like them. Products used

And this is the hardware: reminds me of little flowers

The beginning process was as follows:
1. Cleaned the piece with soap and water
2. lightly sanded the piece
3. Primed the piece using Killz (my favorite) hand brushed and  let sit over night
4. Began painting
5. Put the hardware back on
6. Placed it in the kitchen
And now I am enjoying every moment of my time in the kitchen.
Come back tomorrow for the next dresser reveal and room Reveal

Yours Truly, 
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