Friday, February 15, 2013

Craigslist " FREE FURNITURE" And Other stuff

I feel like I have won the lottery! seriously I really do. I must share this with you, I know I am probably the only one that didn't know this information (I'm always the last to know) anyhow I was browsing Craigslist for various items on Tuesday of this week, more in particular some dressers. You do know I am working on completing two rooms at the same time, I always take off more then I  (CHEW) get distracted, loose focus, getting impatient, blah blah! its habit. So as I am browsing over on Craigs I run across a "Free Stuff link" well the word "Free" alone stopped be in my tracks. I had no idea people just gave stuff away like that, and for a DIY'er like myself, what may have looked like junk to someone else looked like a BRAND NEW IDEA to me.
     The ad I responded too said something along the lines of lots of free furniture, YOU CAN HAVE IT, must TAKE ALL and bring strong men furniture is extremely heavy and I am unable to help lift. To many pieces to take pictures of all of it. There was an email address and a phone number. Hummmm!!!! I thought what the heck, I'm calling.  Even though I thought to myself this must be some BUSTED JUNK you mean you couldn't even take ONE PICTURE , anyway I  didn't get an answer of course, rather a voice mail, but I left a message and continued on my search on Craigs. just as I was about to email someone else about some Items I was curious about my cell rang, It was the people calling about the "FREE STUFF" Long story short I decided to take a chance and go check it out, Needless to say I had to go rent a dag on U-haul truck to move it. And needing STRONG MEN TO HELP was putting it mild.  This is some HEAVY DUTY STUFF, Let me show you just a few items I picked up (JACK POT BABY.) actually the items I'm currently working on.

This one is going in the Blue room...
This one will go in the Royal  Princess Room...(my daughter)
Another view of the Blue Room Dresser
These Go with the Princess Room Dresser
One of these Chairs is a  Rocker that's the one that will go in the Princesses Room the other will go in my hubby's Office

 This is just a small portion guys! I have more stuff, my poor basement is busting at the seems with stuff. And of course I was so excited and over whelmed and "IMPATIENT", I'm working on three projects at the same time. I'm not joking. I couldn't get my car to Lowe's fast enough to get some paint and other things I needed to get started. I went to the fabric store got all my fabrics, it was like am assembly line in my basement, I would wipe down and clean the furniture I'm working on, then go back and sand everything I was working on, then I would go back and prime, while the primer was drying, I was removing fabric from the chairs once that was done I would go back and start painting. I have been one busy girl barricaded in " THE LAB" as my hubby calls it. I am nearly done with two dressers and one chair so far, they are going in those TWO rooms I'm redoing, stay tuned guys for the room reveals and more pictures of my FREE STUFF. I am going in the lab. Happy Friday!!!!
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