Sunday, February 10, 2013

Night Stands Before and After

My Camera doesn't do these Mustard colored tables any justice, So as soon as they are completely dry I Will take them outside and retake them, Hopefully they will show off the true color. I was to darn excited and impatient to wait. Any Hoo! lets talk about where they came from and what they USE TO LOOK LIKE. First off I used this product below to paint them.
This product was already mixed and ready to use, I purchased it at my local Lowes store for around $10.00  I used some spray primer that I already had on hand, but not before I sanded them suckers down! Remember they use to look like this.

 The edges were painted with some left over Grey paint that I used to paint my daughters room. These tables were purchased at my habitat store for 10.00. one of them had some water damage on the top, therefore causing the wood to swell, I had to sand that part  extra hard to knock it back down smooth.  I then  had to apply some wood filler and sand again lightly after it dried. DID I tell you Paint is my best friend? Well just in case I didn't. Paint is my best friend
These babies will find them a nice little home in my other daughters room the blue and black room. YES!I am working on two rooms at one time. In case you were wondering . I just get inspired sometimes and I just go where it takes me. And with that being said let me please introduce to you my next post. A must see. It too will go in the blue and black room. So  stick around yall.

                                        Yours Truly, 

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