Monday, February 18, 2013

Dresser Redo/Princess Room

Hey Guys, Happy Monday! This is yet another Free Item from Craigslist. This one was sent to live a permanent life in my 16yrs old's room (good luck dresser)
"The Royal Theme Room" 

This is what she once looked like:

And now she looks like this:

Again I opted to keep the hardware: I like the "gaudiness" of it. (is that a word?) it is now! 

You will see that fabric again, It was left over from another project I worked on last week. I am on a roll

Another look:
 This really really compliments that headboard redo I did a while back for her,  I will reveal THE ROOM today or tomorrow. My daughter LOVES her new room. She said this is her favorite piece that I have painted so far. "Khudoes to me"

The process: Sand lightly and Prime with Killz (my fav primer)

Both the black and pink paints were left over from the Headboard Redo. "Free" is starting to feel really good....Craigslist you ROCK!!!!

The hardware: I also primed the hardware I forgot to insert the picture but its the same as I used on the blue dresser you can refer back if you wish. Also notice the toothpicks stuck in the handles to keep them upright while I spray both sides. A Trick I learned from another blogger
And there you have it folks  another dresser redo
Please  stay tuned for so much more ( I told you I had to get a U-haul Truck to get my free stuff) busy busy. total cost of this redo = FREEEEEE
What do you think? I value your input
 PS: tell your friends how it goes down over here at according2sharon...thanks
Yours Truly, 

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