Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello Everyone in the Blog world...This is my Second attempt at blogging but my first time being really serious about it. (I dont know) I just feel like I have alot to say and show you....So why not blog about it Right? Now let me just first say I dont live a lavish lifestyle of any sort, Im just as plain as they come, Well maybe NOT PLAIN, but you know what I mean, Im a mother, a wife, and a working woman. But I feel Blogging will be something I can come to love. I do however REALLY REALLY enjoy decorating my home, playing in make-up and of course anything related to FASHION.... OH! and THRIFTING,I will thrift ANYTHING and repurpose it.... and Thats what really brought me to the idea of blogging... I just think it will be really cool to show you my ideas and finds I really enjoy reading other blogs as well ( I have way to much Fun with it)....So with all that being said lets get too it.......Soon  and I mean Really soon ...I promise I will be working on creating and building a really nice blogspot thats more easy on the eye then what it looks like now. I will add pics and vids as I go along...(I guess) in the near future.....

ps...please share ideas and tip if you will on being a good blogger. the ins and outs..thanks you guys

your friend Sharon
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