Friday, January 25, 2013


That opening there was one of my super quick Sunday projects, it took me about 2 hours from start to finish to complete it. I was in the kitchen one Sunday cooking and the kids were talking from the family room and I felt so isolated in there, I kept having to say HUH......frustrating. I looked at that wall and said WALL YOU HAVE TO GO......however I had to look at the blueprint of my home before I demolished it to make sure it wasn't a LOAD BEARING my surprise it was. so I had to work fast and plan carefully since it is holding the HOUSE UP.....I asked the good old LOWE'S guys what I should do...they gave me step by step instructions...First I measured out how big I wanted the opening, marked it off . and removed the drywall, I then had to cut the studs and re enforce the opening with 4 (3x6)pieces of plywood all the way around the frame (so my house wouldn't fall) couldn't have that right? I then added some trim work, and painted it up to my liking....NOW i can hear and see everything in the family room.....I feel apart of the crew when I cook now or I'm entertaining. we all love it my husband came home that day to a new opening and he was 
(like Sharon WHAT THE you are bob the builder for real ...hahah)
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