Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Craigslist Table Makeover Part 1

FINALLY!!!.....FINALLY!!!!.....I have worked on this table while working a crazy work schedule, juggling family duties, and not feeling so good lately. But It is at a place that I can show you now with out covering my eyes. So with out further Ado.Here she is.
(Staged of course for viewing purposes only) once I get everything together and get back to feeling good I will decorate her with her own stuff, and not stuff I STOLE borrowed from another part of the house.

I always like to show what it once looked liked first (just to build the suspense) ha ha!

And now the after.....

Picture over load...Get Ready

I made my own chalk paint. I still have to distress and wax her I just wanted to show you some of the progress. I still don't feel good so hopefully really soon I can get back to working on her. And the chairs also. Thanks for hanging in there with with me so far.

Stay tuned for her Part 2 Reveal. And the chair makeover.

Yours Truly, 

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